What is LoveStone ?

LoveStone is not an actual piece of stone but it’s in a solid form of a pebble made from Uncaria tree extract

Love Stone is an astringent of natural herbal compounds extracted from natural Uncaria plants which only grow in the equatorial part of the world because of climatic reasons. This astringent is odorless and has no expiration date.

Love Stone was originally made available in the form of a pebble way back in the 70’s by Chinese herbalist’s merchants, who were capable of formulate the original tree astringent into its solid form of a pebble or stone.

Love Stone is totally natural. As mentioned above, it has been used for centuries by Asian people as a catechu for chewing with areca and betel, for tanning and dyeing, and as herbal remedies and certain modern medicines. The main purpose is for delay ejaculation, enhance your sexual performance, harder erection and last longer in bed.

100% Herbal

No odour, No expiry, because its 100% Natural Remedy.


Lovestone can be easily applied and after 10-15 minutes it effects full night.

Lasts Upto 4 Hours

Our Lovestone gives your penis a tingling sensation which studs cannot

Privately Deliver

Your product delivery will be private and without any discloser.

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Will Remember you Always

Indian LoveStone is a precious gift for all lovers and couples. Who want to enjoy the pleasure for hours.


Where creativity meets research

We descover this lovestone after a long research and hardwork of our technicians and researchers.

Our areas of focus

We are still looking for some new discoveries in the field of pleasures

Our scientists, researchers and technicians are working hard day by day to find more on the basis of ayurveda.

Our products are working instantly on the erectile dysfunction, which may occur due to any problem. It increase blood circulation in the main part.

Lovestone is working on the basis of ayurveda. This blackstone is derived from the plants and we extract all nutrients in the form of stone for great Timing and Stamina o the intense part.

Lovestone guarantees your and your partner’s satisfaction without telling her that you used anything on the intense part and without any medical drug or spray.

This is the only product that promotes the health in you and promotes the blood supply in all manly areas. Due to that you get intensive energy and erection.

Where creativity meets research

We are always in the service of mankind to make keep your pleasures high.